Hey. Stop Ducking Around…


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Last week my fiance and his buddies decided to have a BBQ to introduce us ladies. (In case some of you may not know but my fiance is in the military, I’m out at Fort Knox, Kentucky visiting until he deploys in a few weeks and then I’ll go back to Austin, Tx). While in Kentucky, I find myself twiddling my thumbs during the day when he is at work. Because he is leaving soon, we didn’t get Internet or cable – initially I thought That’s okay! I’ll read or Paint… or something… Turns out I like the TV more than I thought. O.O WHY IS IT SO QUIET?! If anything I like the option to watch the 55″ LED Smart TV sitting there mocking me. Who knew?

SAMSUNGAnyway, it was refreshing to meet the other wives. chit chat kind of thing…  I was telling one of the ladies about this park I go to everyday. There’s a 5 mile trail around this huge pond with ducks, playgrounds, geese, and trail markers. I invited her and her two daughters to join me on the trail/nature walk today and, in a sense, it went well! We ended up meeting at opposite ends of the huge pond, it was hotter than hell outside, and when I found her, she didn’t have a stroller. I wasn’t going to make her little girls walk two miles, so they played on the sad, under-developed playground under the hot beating sun; I felt terrible. Then all of a sudden this hungry Goose waddles over saying hello.

I thought, OH! This is good! I brought bread. See, I’m good with kids 🙂 Totally got this in the future. “Want to feed him?” 3-year-old nods. she takes the bread with her tiny hands to feed the Goose and turns out this wasn’t such a good idea after all. He’s trying to bite us and guard his ‘territory.’

“Hey BUD! This is a big pond! Don’t be selfish. Duck off!” I thought it was funny. So did the girls. Until they started saying “Duck off” and laughing. crap.

Well it was really great meeting up with you today! We should do it again sometime!

Duck. Duck. Duck. Goose.

I’m Flattered… Really, I am.



Yesterday I went running around my Fiances neighborhood and in doing so I passed by a preschool. It was in the middle of the day when the sun was at its peak; in other words, it was hotter than hell.

So yes, I wasn’t actually running. HA! Please, I wish I was running. Lets say I ‘walked quickly.’

While I ran *cough cough walked* I passed by a preschool full of kids playing outside. A little boy ran up to the fence and yelled, “Hey LADY! HII” while his little hand waved his whole body.

Without stopping I nodded and waved back

Then all of his little buddy friends ran over to the fence, too. They said altogether, “Hi!” “Helloooooo, LADY!” “HIIIII!!! MRS. LADY!, well hello there!” 

I continued to walk past, smiled, quietly said hello, waved  again and continued to walk. What? I’m not a creeper who is going to stop and chat to little preschool kids. Common now. A wave is good enough.

When I proceeded past the fence they all started howling like wolves towards me.

Howling. Like. Wolves. 3-5 years olds. HOWLING.

I turned, smiled, and finally spoke. “Thank you, kids. I’m flattered. Really, I am.” After all, running is some tough business that only the finest can accomplish on a hot day like this.


Ranger School for Dummies


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Ranger School for Dummies

Where is this when you need it most? Cheers to the ineffectual girlfriends such as myself who have absolutely no idea what this is.

Wait… Like Texas Rangers? FAIL. NO.

My first attempt to decipher what Ranger School is all about was watching the show Surviving the Cut on Discovery channel. Yes, I watched TV, whereas the more intellectual girlfriend crowd probably researched it on the Internet or read the informative book So this is Ranger School. 

When I flew to Fort Benning, Georgia from Texas to pick my boyfriend up for his 8 hour pass I had no idea what I needed to do. Buy junk food the night before so it’s ready. CHECK. Be there to pick him up at 7 a.m. for his release at 9 a.m.  CHECK? Found the place at 9 a.m. I’m so punctual. 🙂


Am I missing anything? It felt like my first day of kindergarten walking up to a group of girls “Hey will you be my friend?” These girls were professional Ranger School Girlfriend/wives. “I have homemade cookies in my car for him and all his friends. Along with Donuts & Gatorade. Did you bring junk food too?”

“Uh… yeah. But it’s at home.” FAIL

“Priscilla you bought the Frosting, right?” FAIL “Uh… yeah!” >.> “That’s my girl!…. She forgot it.” Damn, he knows me so well… 

Thankfully he passed Darby phase ( 1st out of 3), two days ago I got word he passed Mountain phase (2 of 3), next step is passing the final phase, Florida, following with graduation. This nightmare has lasted since February and will be over in June. HALLELUJAH

17 more days and counting…

Have schools Required Reading lists diminished over time?


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Gatsby_1925_jacketSitting in the theater yesterday I attempted to remember The Great Gatsby when I read it in high school.

“Did I read the Cliff Notes on this one?”

But no, I actually read it. And from what I remember, it was defined as a snoozer, in my opinion. I recall only one chapter being somewhat significant; chapter 7, somebody died. (odd excitement?) Watching the movie I had to say I enjoyed it. I think the movie was more scandalous than Fitzgerald intended. However, I was was 14 when I read the novel, scandalous wasn’t exactly something noticed at that age; at least for me. But that’s Hollywood for you, putting sexy into everything. I think if I were to re-read the novel, willingly this time, it would be much better.

One thing I did notice, as well, is the romance. Again, my 14-year-old self wouldn’t Gatsbyhave noticed romance if it hit me in the face.

“Why would Gatsby live across the pond from Daisy? Stalker.” 

Most kids don’t see in-between-the-lines concepts or at least I didn’t; especially if we have to read it for class. ‘One chapter at a time’ mindset. My cousin, who is 13 years old is currently having to read “The Hunger Games.” Really? GIVE ME A BREAK! She said she and majority of her classmates hate reading, so she was glad to read something that had a good movie attached. I agree and disagree with this. I’m thrilled she’s just reading at all. I wanted to gouge my eyes out from the Romeo & Juliet Cliff Notes. At the same time, I question if the Required Reading list is going down hill these days.

Yes, unfortunately, even I am guilty of using Cliff Notes or Spark Notes in my day(But only for a back up reference. Aside from Romeo & Juliet, never read that one). This defeats the entire purpose of youth’s required reading lists.

In all, I give the movie a thumbs up. It portrays the novel very accurately, again, from what I remember. I adore Leonardo DiCaprio- so that probably helps the story  line.

Addictions or Indulgences? Maybe, Both?


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I cannot say that I am ashamed I have a compulsive personality, however, it can be exceedingly irritating when I need to accomplish daily tasks.

White Collar. Need I say more? If you haven’t seen the epic television show, it’s based on a con artist, Neal Caffrey, who is hired by the FBI to catch future  forgeries. Neal, played by Matt Bomer, is one of the most sexy, seductive men on USA Network ( or in the world). But what makes him so sexy? Besides his witty way with words and charm? It’s his intelligence. Nothing is more seductive than an intelligent man. Ladies and Gentleman, I am HOOOKED.

I think I have a compulsive disorder where I have to watch it every chance I get. The way the show is produced I’m intrigued with how they pull off some of their cons. Not that I would ever have the audacity to attempt a con, please, but I find it interesting with how they pull some of this stuff off.

Thanks to Netflix I’m streaming seasons 1-3, currently on the second season, without commercials. DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO PEE WHEN YOU WANT TO SEE WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?! Sure I can pause it. Let me reiterate the moral of this blog: COMPULSIVENESS! Need I continue?

I’ve come to the conclusion the only, most effective, way to overcome this compulsive tv-watching is to simply finish the series. You should just give in and watch the show.

Big-Girl Pants



This is no Huggies Pull-up commercial advertisement, however, I should invest in some because the real world scares the piss out of me. My apologies, I couldn’t help myself with that one.

I recently was brought on as an intern at Griffin Wink Advertising Agency and when I walked in on my first day I felt great; wasn’t nervous at all, it was when the phone rang, however, I felt the rage of my nerves fire in me.



I felt terrible because I didn’t know everybody’s names yet and was transferring calls to the wrong person or wrong voice mail box. Anyway, I’m slowly getting better at it. One would think I would be nervous when I wrote and presented my promotion ideas for Schlotzskys to my supervisor, “That was great! I’m so proud of you.”

Sigh of relief. I’ve come to the realization that two things could happen: they will either hate it or love it. Either way, I still feel like I’m on cloud 9. I can only imagine with life will be like when I’m getting paychecks for something that makes me this happy.

Cloud 50

Popcorn Infatuation.


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Many opportunities call appropriate for the salty buttery sensation of popcorn. Growing up my mom would pop corn over the stove; bible, it tastes very different and better from the microwave popped corn. ( bible: another way of swearing) However, now that I have left home to start my last semester of college, laziness overcomes me. Popcorn deems necessary for any occasion: late night movie, nothing else to make, it’s cheap, intoxicated evenings, craving fix, want a tooth ache, boredom, epic reading, and kernels in my bed the next morning.

Popcorn has been my ultimate snack for the Olympics as well.

I EAT POPCORN AS IF I HAVEN’T EATEN IN 3 DAYS! Both hands are constantly shoving as much popcorn as I can muster while it’s toasty warm… all while not blinking. Might I also add that I feel it’s a never ending bag, therefore, I must eat it all as fast as I can to get to the bottom.

Ahh yes, quite satisfied with my salty fix.



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This evening three people have called me Cilla; short for Priscilla. Why do people come up with a nickname for you? Do they think its a witty way of becoming friends?

Maybe I have given them the wrong idea by introducing myself as Priscilla to please forget that and call me Cilla or Prissy! The only people who are allowed to call me Cilla is my family; mainly because they are the only people I find it cute to hear from. It”s like calling my mother momma, dad as daddio, or Joshua as joshie.

However, there is no other way to politely ask  your new acquaintance to call you by the name you introduced yourself as.

As nicely as I can muster, “oh you can just call me Priscilla.” | Them: ‘wow’ calm down.’ | me: oh, I’m calm, I would just prefer to be called by my full name. | Them: ‘ All right, you don’t have to freak out about it, relax.’

That was the last I spoke to that person.

The Two in One Conversation



This evening I went to dinner with Kevin by the lake to relax, drink margaritas, and listen to live music; all to mainly get out of the house. As much as I love my mother I cannot let one more conversation float upward into abstruction and absurdity any longer. Most of you may know from reading my previous blogs my older brother is soon getting married, and by soon I mean next weekend. This is the first time I’ve actually been a part of the wedding, and by that I mean included in the wedding planning process. Initially this is an exciting concept, however, I now  tenaciously object to any conversation that includes ‘wedding.’

Recently I have found a new way to avoid any conversation I’m apathetic to, which consequently now happens with everybody I talk to.

Yes, it’s the 2 in 1 conversation. 🙂
The way it works is when somebody is talking to me about a subject, i.e. weddings, I will reply with something that has nothing to do with a conversation.

Mom: I’m trying to get guest list together with who’s going to stay the night for friday and saturday, do you think Josh’s is mother-in-law parents will stay the night? | Me: I still have not gotten those brown wedges for my sorority. | Mom: Yeah, they probably will stay both nights.

Do you see what just happened there? Sure I seem pompous but you have to remember that I want to pull my hair out from talking about my brother’s wedding all summer long. It’s selfish really, that he wants to get married at the end of the summer anyway.

Because of this I go to dinner with Kevin and sub-consciously I bring up the freaking wedding! But it’s okay because his response is: Yeah my new headphones are sweet. | Me: I mean all my mom says is blah blah blah wedding this wedding that. | Kevin: I had to get up an hour early to ship out my old headphones so that I can get my new ones. These new ones, yep they are wireless. So awesome.

Do you see what just happened there? ** sigh** What? I am my mother’s daughter. What do you want from me?

7 days and counting.

My Horrible Imperfection


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There comes a time when you want people who have an ebullient personality in your life, but then you soon succumbed to the dark side. Nothing is worse than having someone in your life who simply drags you down in a variety of different ways: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and hopefully for your sake not physically.

Every now and then I like to ‘troll’ in the Internet. If anybody is unfamiliar with this slang all it means is getting a raise out if poeple via the Internet; or so to speak, intentionally pissing people off because it is funny. You may ask why would you wanna do this, Priscilla? To answer this question it is because I feel that everybody does not meet my lofty point-of-view amongst pretty much everything.

It is sad to say by 8 o’clock this morning I had unintentionally insulted somebody. It wasn’t until late this evening when she replied back that I realized, wow that was really insulting! But you know what she did? I bet you’re wondering how this girl actually made me, of all people, feel really bad about what I said to the point where I clean my entire room. She killed me with kindness.

STAB IN THE HEART. I admired this girl when I had class with her a few semesters back. She was always articulate, verbose,  and most importantly, unabashed about who she is as a strong Christian woman.

Like I initially stated, I enjoy people who have ebullient personalities. I immediately sought friendship with her; however, she was always  condescending so I felt no giult this morning with what I said. Again I will restate that typically I do not get offended easily. Until she said that her imperfections is actually a blessing.

*scratch head* Well damn. That’s cheating you can’t bring God into this. Oh wait, yes you can and she did and she won. Joke on me. My concern is how did I become the person to find humor by insulting others?  When did this happen? I don’t have to agree with everything she says about what makes you a good christian woman or not, but that does not mean it is necessary to instalt them.

I suppose what I’ve learned from this experience is to suck it up, I lose, and for the love of God, stop being such a witch all the time.