I’m using this blog as a diary so-to-speak because, well to be honest I have way too much stress in my life. Who knows who maybe reading this. I hope that whoever you are find me somewhat … entertaining. Although I may need advice from time to time. At the moment I’m dealing with a bit of a dilemma with school. I’m a senior at Texas Tech studying Advertising. I took a class last semester and of course it bit me in the ass.

The professor, who teaches Research, said verbatim, if you include this hypothesis formula in your paper it will give you a 100%! ( all enthusiastically). So in class there’s myself and four other girls who have their laptops and taking notes. The next class the professor is absent and her ‘trustworthy’ >.> TA’s are teaching for the day. Allowing us to work together on the paper. We included the hypothesis statement and analyzed it in our own words.

OH WOW BTW THAT’S CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM. NEWS FLASH. Awesome. two weeks later with no notice from the TA who graded my paper, nor the professor, I notice a zero on my grades on blackboard.ttu.edu. yup a 0% ouch. Didn’t see that coming. Evidently I should be grateful for the repercussions I was given instead of suspension from the university.

Ladies and Gentleman, naturally being a senior I love jeopardizing my whole college career off an equation we were told to include in our paper. No big deal right? Wrong. I’m the sort of person who negotiates their way in and/or out of situations. (Advertising… ha) so of course I don’t settle for this nonsense. I meet with the professor because only two out of the four of us received zeros. The girl who did came with me ( I knew better) she started crying. (palm-in-face). I work around logic. It needs to make sense and I want to understand the situation and get to the point(straight forward so to speak). Alligator eyes next to me is not helping my case. She on the other hand didn’t screw up on some of her exams and isnt desperately needing this grade (C).

As of now I’m appealing the grade because the professor does not give a damn and said even with full credit on the paper I still will make a D so it’s a waste of my time. Correct me if I’m wrong folks but with a total of 1200 points, 840 is a 70%


simple math.  I’m resting at a 795.5, needing 44.5 points for that beautiful C. The paper is worth 50 points. The paper, WITH FULL CREDIT, will give me the grade I need. Is this wrong? no? yes. It is.