As far as I’m concerned, not very many people like to accept defeat. But the question I’ve been recently having to face is when to call quits. Ever heard of the saying ‘fight the battle worth fighting?’ Who cares if your waiter forgot to bring extra ranch or if you fail a test. What I learned from my college experience, so far, is to learn what battles are worth fighting for and when to tell yourself that the battle is lost.

One of my largest flaws is to see how many ways I can talk myself into or out of a situation. I love negotiating. But I love winning my negotiations more. Now naturally failing a fight- even at my best negotiating moments- is brutal for me. Because then I constantly ask myself what could I have done differently, why did I lose? Who else is to blame for this besides myself? After long thought about these questions, all I can think if is dwelling on it is simply a nuisance.

Sometimes you have to sit back and say, I’ve fought this fight for my morals, principles, and self dignity up until the point where there was a fork in the road. Well? Which one should you take? Everybody is going to tell you what they think you should do. But remember it’s not their ass on the line here so what’s it to them if you took the wrong road?

Think. What’s best for you? When you decide what is, feel proud and passionately about it.