Waking up in the morning is getting much easier now that I’m going to bed earlier. I have a plan throughout my day to accomplish certain tasks, such as making it to class on time, eating three times a day, and making it to work on time. It’s the first plan that always gets in the way. Making it to class on time.

I live in a house near my college campus and along with many other students have the option to take the bus to school. I have found myself gaining exercise every morning running for that damn bus. I’m about half way there to the bus stop when there it is; the bus. Crap. Without hesitation I bolt hoping my converse will give my feet the support they need to make it on time.

As I’m running, keep in mind that it’s probably 30 degrees outside and very windy. I’m sprinting as fast as I can while tears are streaming down my face because the wind is so cold against my eyes. I don’t even care that I probably look ridiculous and that it looks like I’m crying; I refuse to wait 25 minutes for this bus to come again and be late for class.

Finally making it to the bus, gasping for breath, tears streaming down my face, red nose, and wind blown hair, I place my hands on both sides of the door as if I’m about to lunge into the bus. Meanwhile, on the bus, I notice some familiar faces looking down at me laughing. “Wow, you’re crying. haha.”

I think it probably took me a good 2 minutes before I could finally catch my breath and eventually dry my face. I prefer to swim for my workouts, so I can definitely say this was not my ideal workout and was not apart of my daily plan.

But here is the good news: I made it to class on time.

P.S. : the professor reminds me of the teacher from Ferris Bueller.

“Bueller…? Bueller?…. Bueller…. “