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Being in my position, college student, I HAVE to lay a practical joke on my absent friends.

“Dude! we had a top quiz/ test today! Mrs. Zuerker said to tell our friends if they e-mailed her before 11:30 a.m. she would let them take it. But they have to say sorry for missing the test. DO IT NOW!”

Laughing my ass off in thought my two fraternity friends are actually e-mailing our professor was priceless. Sure, Karma will come around for me, but who cares, I’m laughing so hard I can barely breath. YES! So awesome.

Within 10 minutes, Preston Pinnington III texts me “Well thanks for making me feel like a dumbass, lol, I just was e-mailed back saying we didn’t have one.” Classic. Again, I’m laughing until no sound is coming out.

Our professor is great. She’s probably laughing too thinking somebody laid a practical joke on some gullible poor soul. All right, all right, I know that it was mean/rude or whatever you want to call it. But it was a GREAT laugh and it made my day.

Unfortunately Matt O’haugherty ( O-heart-ee) was not so easily fooled. I almost had him. He texted me asking “Are you serious?” But sorry folks, Preston told him before he e-mailed the professor. Damn, so close.

Sadly I have to await my time for Karma to arrive. They won’t forget about his. Luckily they arn’t mad. ha.

Matt: ” It wasn’t that funny.”

Me: “Yes it was.”