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As some of you may have already read in my previous post in ‘Practical Joke’ Karma was soon around the corner to bite me in the ass. And it did.

Thursday night of my typical college-student lifestyle, I go out  to three bars (?), dancing and having the time of my life. Don’t worry, Karma didn’t come that night. I have made the executive decision to not get too intoxicated anymore; just buzzed ( what? I’m in college, not AA. My kidneys are asking for the favor if you MUST know).

ANYWAY, I thought to myself as I’m dancing like a complete idiot ” This is great. Karma missed me.” oh on the contrary, morning is yet to come….

9:10 a.m. my alarm is at its loudest peek blaring in my ears. I slam my hand on the snooze, but to my surprise class started at 9. Ugh crap. The start of a new day. Viewing the glass half-full as always – “He doesn’t take attendance anyway.” Snooze

After an eventful day at work, my best friend Faith stops by at the coffee shop to see if I would like to see The Vow that evening after my shift ends. Absolutely. Before moving any further in our conversation I buy us tickets on Fandango.com…. Just in case.

I check my bank app and notice fandango charged me twice. twice. For two movie tickets equaling $41 for one movie. ouch. “At least we have tickets!” I say with a smile on my face 😀 Faith stands in line at the movie as I wait in the box office line to get our tickets. *freezing my ass off by the way* I hand the lady my card. Swipe. “There is no transaction on this card indicating you bought tickets with us.” O.O “WHAT?! Actually fandango charged me twice. See look,” as I show her my phone.

“Sorry, but you must have purchased tickets at another theater.”

“This is Cinemark Movies 16, right?”


“… okay?…”

*she stares with no emotion on her face*

“Well then can I just buy two tickets for The Vow please?” equaling 6 tickets for two people that night.

“We’re sold out.”

“OKAYYY” I say with loud pure sarcasm that the situationist is by all means okay. Fail.

In case anybody was wondering I simply called Wells Fargo after that and they filed a claim against Fandango and refunded my money. But the night doesn’t end there. Faith and I decide to just rent ‘Whats Your Number?’ from a RedBox kiosk. She goes into Walgreens to get the popcorn and candy as I wait outside to get the movie.

SOLD OUT.** no emotion on my face* damn. No worries Wal Mart is in the same parking lot. We go there. ‘THIS KIOSK IS OUT OF SERVICE. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.’

“You know what, Faith, lets just buy a movie! Breaking Dawn comes out today. Um excuse me sir where are the Breaking Dawn movies?”

“We can’t sell them until midnight,” looking at his watch, “You have two hours.”

Finally Faith turns to me, “What did we do to deserve this?” O.O oh crap. She sees the look on my face and without hesitation “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I told her about my practical j0ke and that it was nothing but a good laugh. Leaving Wal Mart a car backs up into me.

A. Car. Backs. Up. Into. Me. And they don’t stop because they probably figure I will either move or get run over. This doesn’t happen everyday people!

$41, melted candy, warm soda, 7 kiosks, one bruised hip, and 3 hours later, Faith and I finally sit down to watch the movie. Here’s a bit of advice, don’t do anything for Karma to come before the weekend.

P.S. my mom’s response to my practical joke “That’s not funny, honey. That’s mean. Don’t let the devil take control.” >.>

Whatever I still think its funny. ha.