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Well, it’s official, I’m 22.

About 80% of the customers at my work are above the age of 55. Don’t ask why because I have no idea. My age group shops at Wal-Mart instead of Market Street ( I work in the coffee shop there).

“It’s your birthday?!” screams old Vince.

“Yeah, well tomorrow is…”

“I’ve been out of college longer than how old you are. haha! I actually have grand-kids older than you! You’re a BABY! HAHA!”

Well that’s comforting. Thanks. Last year for my 21st birthday, I had fun, but at the same time I was kind of irritated because my ex had ‘broken it off’ like a few days before my birthday. Which sucks when your birthday is the day after Valentines day.

Thankfully, it’s a new year 🙂

Kevin and I were high school sweethearts and then dated for a couple years in college then broke up two years ago. Near the end of summer we reconnected. Poor Kevin, I feel like I’ve put his heart through the ringer.

It’s crazy how much can change within a year. Last year I was balling my eyes out wondering what the fuck happened. (Excuse my language, but no other word will justify). This year I’m thinking ‘THANK GOD I’M HAPPY!’

Kevin sent me Edible Arrangements for Valentines day; which were delicious.

Chocolate covered pineapple is to die for by the way. The following day, by birthday, he sent me a beautiful bouquet of different flowers. I love flowers. Even on a persons worst day, you can’t help but smile when you look at a flower; at least for me anyway.  Needless to say, even though he is 6 hours away from me I think we have a pretty rock ‘n’ relationship.

I would like to point out that having a birthday in the middle of the week is somewhat depressing. Why? Everybody is busy!

Turns out, I’m not as popular as I think I am. Sorority sisters? All busy with exams (Liars) But my little, Faith, thankfully showed up even though she did had a cell bio exam the next morning. Ick.

My roommates were there as well. It kind of sucked when they left for the library and I was stuck hosting a party with some of their friends they invited — whom I had just met — and who ended up breaking my favorite whine glass. I think about 6 people showed up to my party when 15 RSVP’d. Common people! Who RSVP’s anyway? But the real question is… whoever RSVP did not even show up.

All in all, I had a blast. Wonder where this year will lead me… (fingers crossed for a job!)