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Today I started learning how to use ZBrush 4 on Lynda.com. I thought it would be a cool thing to put on my resume. Well to be completely honest I thought I had an exam today so I was at the library ready to study at 8; turns out that exam is next Wednesday. oops. What’s a better way to spend my time here than to learn something new?!

After an hour of looking at Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and my Klout score, I decided that I need a skill in something. Being a social media genius doesn’t cut it in my generation. I need something that sets me apart ( and because I didn’t get accepted into my college’s so-they-think ‘collegiate’ Ad Team) I might as well use my time I would be using for them to learn how to be awesome at something else; graphic design.

As I’m learning the program on Lynda.com, the narrator teaches me how to use different textures or color on my 3D object/character. Easy enough. As I’m messing around with the different colors, I stumble upon the chrome color.



This is how they made the Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four people!!!

Look, I’ll show you… See. He looks all mean and what not. oooooOOOOoooo

Okay, here is mine.

All right, it doesn’t look as cool as theirs… yet. Keep in mind I’ve only been using this program for an hour and a half( ish).

To: Fantastic Four’s graphic design artist

From: Me (Priscilla Smith)