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Yesderday I decided to try out Yoga in my bedroom. Just in case you haven’t already picked up on my A.D.D. personality I tend to get disctracted very easily and change the subject. Yoga was definitely a new thing for me and I’ve been told a many great things about it.


They lied.

The definition of Yoga to me is stretches; painful ones. And ‘feel the earth’ breathing, which actually gives me a headache from too many deep breaths. Soon I found myself painting my toes in a stretch position because I couldnt stand the sight of my feet. To me, Yoga also consists of staring at your feet while stretching. (unless everybody closes their eyes without telling mentioning it to me).

Feel the earth… > My translation> Feel the hard ground under a thin mat that does nothing for me.

I know what you’re thinking, stop being so pesimistic Priscilla. But hear me out on this one. I couldn’t help myself from looking around the room and looking at my cat stare at me like I’m an idiot human. Soon I would tell myself to just stay in the stretching position to really feel the earth. When in reality, I was stuck in the stretching position and didn’t want to move to rip anything.

I guess I’ll give Yoga another try some other day. Hopefully when I do I’ll stop giggling at the instructor on YouTube.