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For the past three years I have awaited this moment of having my last advising appointment with my adviser. I would daydream about showing up all chippery filled with joy and excitement. Was it as awesome as I had forseen? nope. Now I’m drinking Ginger Ale to ease my upset stomach.

Why? College is … well college. It is what you make it ( or made it– if you’ve already graduated). I think I’ve done pretty well for myself so far. I graduate in December 2012. During the winter break I was freaking out because it wasn’t graduating in August as planned due to an awful class: read The Dilemma. Now I’ve never been more happy I made that D because I have zero idea what I plan to do once I walk the stage; four years of tears, sweat, all nighters, (drunkeness), sorority events/bills, hookah :), and that rare, distinct, fulfillment of acomplishment. I’m usually like this around this time of year; all panicy and what not about mid-terms. This year is a bit different. Now I’m paying bills, working 36 hours a week, VP of an organization, oh and school ( don’t forget that important one). No better way to swim than to jump in the water. Hello real world! ( I think I balance it all okay…) 

Of course I speak too soon, tomorrow I have to be at two places at once. Stay tuned for that blog because I have a feeling it’s going to be one hell of a day. By the way, the picture below is referring to blackboard assignments/quizes or tests professors post online. Definitely been there!

8:00 a.m. Spanish exam
9:30-10:50 a.m. class
11:00 a.m.- 8 p.m. work ( get my Baaarr-ista on)
oh…. and I have to be at a meeting at 5:30 p.m. Considering I’m Vice President and I’ve missed the past two meetings I have to be there this time. The last thing I want is the President regretting appointing me her VP.

OH and on Thursday I also have to be at two places at once. Focus group at 7:30 and I get off of work at 8. Now keep in mind that I’m not trying to complain about this, think of it as me venting.

Anyway, my adviser is awesome, she has helped/guide me through my college career ( as an advider should!). I just had daydreamed this day being a little bit more exciting.