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In my previous blog I mentioned how the following day I was going to be in two places at once. Here is a one-day overview of my hectic life.

I wish things didn’t pile on top of each other or me double book something; however, double booking is inevitable for me. I have and will in the future need to be in two places at once I’m sure and will eventually need to deal with it without having a mental breakdown. Yesterday was a test for that. Personally I think it went pretty well…. when you consider what it could have happened instead. 🙂

I had work from 1-8, then I had to be at a meeting at 5 because I’m Vice President and could not miss it.

Here is how I pulled this off: I showed up for work at 11 saying my manager needed me to show up early ( that’s true, but it was a miss communication issue), because coffee shop didn’t need my assistance and told me to go home I went to the right manager asking if they needed help in any department. Food service always needs assistance; and I was their gal. I gladly did the job everybody hates; dishwashing. I was then working 9 hours that day and was able to take an hour lunch break instead of my usual 30 minutes. During that time, I clocked out at 4:45 p.m. ( 60 minutes remaining) ran to my car and drove to campus, 5:00 p.m. (45 minutes remaining). During the duration of the meeting I was fidgeting the entire time munching on the best peppered water crakers awaiting the speaker to wrap it up, 5:30 p.m. ( 15 minutes remaining…). As soon as everybody started gathering their things I said goodbye to the President and bolted. Running to my car…again, 14 minutes remaining. Honestly nobody would really notice if I made it back on time but this is a personal goal to see if I could do it. Naturally when you’re in a hurry you stop at every flipping red light possible and OF COURSE the granny is crossing the road as well, 10 minutes remaining. Drumming my thumbs on the steering wheel while looking at the clock every other second, 7 minutes remaining. Pulling into the parking lot I ran into the store, clocked in with 5 minutes remaining. I did it! Okay so it doesn’t surprise me too much considering it takes a person 15 minutes to get anywhere in Lubbock, Texas with traffic.

btw I’m currently listening to Freedom Fighters Two steps from Hell while writing this blog. So if you’re listening to that song, picture me dramatically running in slow motion saying ‘nnnooooo! must be on tiiiime.’ >.>

I would like to say that it was a very successful outcome when you consider what could have happened. ** visualizing myself getting in an accident from being in a hurry or my boss saying no I cant leave or my coworker gets slammed at the coffee shop stuck by herself while she is sick…. **

And Thursday is going to be the exact same thing… Need to be a focus group for my class at 7:30… I get off of work at 8. ugh