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Today, Easter Sunday, I had decided to just relax and enjoy my day off alone in my house with my cat. I was perfectly content with that. But the thought of a specific invite from Lino to his Easter lunch still lingered in my mind.

Should I go?

no, he probably forgot he invited me. In fact, I bet they already finished eating.

Should I go?! ugh

no, he invited me to simply be nice.

My reaction about going to Lino’s house was the perfect resemblance of Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s day off>>  (scroll to 3.14).

Knocking on his door was extremely nerv-racking. Priscilla, get over and suck it up. Stop being such a baby. Suddenly Lino’s Wife, Olga, answered the door. She was a short, round, middle-age Hispanic lady with short hair wearing a dirty apron and comfy clothes suited for cooking. “You must be Priscilla! Lino said to expect your arrival, come in and welcome!” she said. As I was greeted to the whole family with warm hugs and many welcomes I couldn’t help but fall in love with the crazy aunt.

YES! Every family has a crazy aunt. This is truly awesome. She even had a black eye from apparently falling in the Home Depot parking lot (? hey, it’s her story). Lino was in his backyard barbecuing in his every day attire: cowboy hat, red bandanna around his neck,  denim shirt and jeans with his red apron labeled LINO. iHola Chica!

He was talking to me about his cooking and showing me what he was making. Let me start off by saying not only the smell but the looks of the food was to die for. He lifted the iron skillet lit that sat over the fire showing his homemade peach cobbler. * me drooling*  ” That’s for after dinner,” he said with a warm smile.

Have you ever flipped through your tv and came across the cooking channel thinking ‘oh, I with I could try that?’ well folks today I did. Not only is Lino the best cook in Lubbock, Texas, but has his own local show. I was in awe of the flavors bursting in my mouth as I was tasting the seasoned, perfectly barbecued, moist, lime taste fajita meat. *eye lids start to get heavy*

I looked around and they were speaking Spanish to one another offering if anybody would like more to drink, seconds, etc. Here’s me, southern white sorority girl stuck in the middle of this family not understanding a word they’re saying. Want to know what the best part of it all was? They made me feel as if I was family.  “Would you like more Ice, Priscilla?” asked the grandma. Not even standing up either. She was offering to get out of her chair to simply get me more ice when I could have easily done it myself. “Oh, no. But thank you!”

As I was leaving Lino’s house I told him how grateful I was for his invitation and being warmly welcomed into his home for Easter. “I couldn’t bare to hear you were spending your Easter without your family. First time was an invite, next time it’s me telling you when to come,” he said with a smile. I hugged him good bye carrying my plate and cobbler he fixed for me to go and drove away.