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All right, to be fair I don’t understand myself either. I’m in a long distance relationship and if anybody has ever been in one before they aren’t the easiest thing but they are possible with somebody you care about. True or false? ( wow I really need to graduate already)

I have my own life in Lubbock, TX. I do my own thing, work, pay my bills (on time!), involved in two organizations on campus, AND let’s not forget the purpose of all the fun; school. Yes I balance it all quite well — without a planner too– and it all seems to work out. Sometimes.

Then I look at my phone. Shit. Kevin called twice. ( the bf)
Look at me text messages. Dammit. 10 text messages from my group members asking about our presentation on Friday and when to meet up.

Deep breath. After replying to all of my text messages I realized an hour flew by and I still haven’t replied to my boyfriend. Naturally, I call him back and he mentions we haven’t talked in three days. Has it been that long? No, surly not? Ooh surly. He noticed. ( which is what girls want right? For their bf to be attentive to their relationship… I think?) Then he nonchalantly mentions it again three more times we haven’t talked…  clearly this bothers him. Right?

He’ll probably be upset I’m blogging about it. Oh well, I need to vent. And another beer.