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As most of you know, I am a senior at Texas Tech and finally finished finals. So why am I blogging about it now when it was last week? Oh that’s because I’ve been packing, take a few drinks, moving — sweating my ass off doing it — take a test, work 8 hours, drink, pack my car, clean, clean, clean, ( I want my $450 deposit back on my house I leased) and then finally drove to Austin.

Hey mom… hey dad, you’re only daughter is here for the summer. Evidently my virtuous Christian mother thinks I’m an alcoholic. It’s always my favorite part ordering a grande blended mango margarita with salt at my favorite Mexican restaurant the first night I arrive in Austin. I just studied my ass off ( made a 3.0 and yes I’m proud, so suck it you 4.0’ers), drove 6 hours from Lubbock, Texas, and I need a drink. Usually the first weekend I’m home I sleep in my glorious bed in my serene room for hours… until my mom comes in at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

“Honey… time to get up for church,” she whispers kneeling on my bed as she pats my butt.

“mmm, I’m good go without me and pray for me,” I moan.

“Ohhh baby, I pray for you every day. Now get up.” I admire her consistence so I oblige.

But luckily, my brother is getting married so they had to go away this weekend to plan it in Dallas! ( lucky they left, not my brother getting married. Different blog for a different time).

I figured now is the best time to blog about my finals week. Honestly it wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had a friend from work ( my boss actually) help move my furniture. Poor guy had to do all that labor and didn’t get anything for it. Anything. Now that’s a friend. It was mainly saying goodbye to my college girlfriends who graduated on time that was difficult. I’m proud of them. They are intelligent, fun, and a happy go lucky group of women. I hate I couldn’t be there for their big day, but most of all I cant stand goodbyes.

I, however, am graduating a semester late in December. I was internally livid about why (If you care or have time, here is why: The Dilemma)… all right, it wasnt internally, I let the world know and anybody who asked “how are you?” for about two weeks straight they had to suffer the entire story. “Well, funny you ask that…”

I’m currently watching trash TV, Real Housewives of New Jersey, drinking the only thing my parents had in the pantry and fridge. Milk, vanilla vodka, and Kahlua while waiting for their arrival.

Mom just text me:

*Josh is going to be home before us we will be home around 11:30 but josh about 10:30*


*Okay I’ll tell everybody to leave at 10* 

sip White Russian.