As I sit in the hunk of metal about to make me scream with excitement, I look to my left with an ear-to-ear smile at my friend. At this point my chatter box has gone astray because I am so excited for the ride I can barely stand it. I don’t have asthma, but if I did then it would sound like I needed my inhaler. Imagine, HUGE smile while trying to breath like this and looking at my friend with wide eyes. That’s me.

I hear the ticking sound of the old machine pulling me forward toward the sky with no preparation of what’s next. I put my trust in the metal bars holding me down in hope to dear God it will not malfunction releasing me to my short-lived life.

Ironic, isn’t it? How when you are strapped down, already committed to this life-risking ( literally) decision, you question if the seat is safe.

Here are my rational thoughts:

um… When was this last inspected?

click, click, click.

If I die, I swear I’m sueing.

click, click, click.

I change my mind!

click, click…


In case nobody knows what I look like, here’s a hint, I’m the one who cant smile and hold my sorority’s hand sign up right. Yup… that’s me.

You laughed.

Didn’t you? Didn’t you?! It’s okay I laughed too. In fact, I’m framing it and putting it in our lodge to remind my fellow sisters to accept all of their sisters just as they are. ^.^

I look like I have a arm pit stain too. I swear its my sports bra. ** notice I’m more worried about that than looking like I don’t fit in with those group of girls. **

I would like to add that you never really prepare yourself for that feeling in your stomach when you reach the peak of the roller coaster and BOOM… there you goooo! I’ve been on many, many roller coaster rides and it gets me every time.

Good times…