Recently I’ve wondered how there is always food in my pantry. As some of you may know, I am staying at my parents house for the summer.

When I am in Lubbock, I buy food I know I will eat. When I run out of food, I’ll eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a week, then peanut butter sandwiches, until finally I restock. However, being at home I have noticed the pantry never looks bare. Ever.

I only have one conclusion as to how this is possible:

Night stocker food MUNCHKINS!

They come I after I’ve gone to bed, you see, stock up while laughing saying, hehe did you see how confused Priscilla looked yesterday morning??

I know! She has no idea we work for her mother. Stupid girl.

Yeah… stupid girl.

Next morning

I walk into the kitchen for a glass of milk, yup there it is. O.O omg donuts? I would like to add they seemed to be glowing… Mmm good choice, food munchkins I think as I stuff my face.
MOM: you’re welcome, honey.
Me: uh huh, okay, Mom we all now how you do it.
MOM: you need to cut back on the fantasy books, Priscilla.

She says this riiight when I take a big bite, I cannot respond due to over eating.