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A year ago I discovered the Pinterest fascination while I was creeping over a girls shoulder in class; they don’t call it ‘creeping’ for nothing. She was on it throughout the entire duration of our business class. Naturally, being as distracted as I am, I never paid attention to the professor as she did. When I finally knew it was called ‘Pinterest,’ I thought, wow that’s clever it’s as if the creators combined interest & pinning.

…Duah. That’s the point, brainless. You pin pictures that interest you on boards. Us women feel as though our men will NEVER see the things we pin; i.e. the future weddings. However, we secretly do wish they see it — why else would we post favorite ring cuts– I assure you, this is not for our benefit, we wont forget it.

The cool part about Pinterest is looking on other girls future weddings who don’t even have boyfriends. This one girl had 276 pins on her future wedding board. She had everything planned from the engagement photos, table arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, bachelorette party ides, to the actual wedding photo ideas. I must say, I was impressed while looking at it. When I say impressed I clearly mean EXHAUSTED, I feel sorry for the man she marries. Holy crap.

The things I typically pin are my future home arrangements, food, and fitness. I’m obsessed with worn antique-looking furniture. I also prefer my antique furniture NEW; with these neat pins I learned how to furnish dressers to bed frames like a professional!


I also prefer fitness and food ideas. The only Do It Yourself ideas I learn and implement on Pinterest is the food and fitness. In fact I made the best dinner tonight from the picture I found on the website. However, when I see pins such as these:

Yeah, let me get right on those 7K jumping jacks to lose one freaking pound. In fact let me buy that outfit while I’m at it just so I can feel I’m achieving this body. Might I add that a pin next to it is how to make the best icing on your cupcakes. Brilliant. I know, I’ll do 7,000 jumping jacks while I make those cupcakes… Good? * I hope you sense the sarcasm in my blog.*

Well there you have it. Pinterest. Guys are slowly picking it up but unless it’s about art or architecture I don’t think it will interest me to pin it. ha. pun… get it?