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There comes a time when you want people who have an ebullient personality in your life, but then you soon succumbed to the dark side. Nothing is worse than having someone in your life who simply drags you down in a variety of different ways: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and hopefully for your sake not physically.

Every now and then I like to ‘troll’ in the Internet. If anybody is unfamiliar with this slang all it means is getting a raise out if poeple via the Internet; or so to speak, intentionally pissing people off because it is funny. You may ask why would you wanna do this, Priscilla? To answer this question it is because I feel that everybody does not meet my lofty point-of-view amongst pretty much everything.

It is sad to say by 8 o’clock this morning I had unintentionally insulted somebody. It wasn’t until late this evening when she replied back that I realized, wow that was really insulting! But you know what she did? I bet you’re wondering how this girl actually made me, of all people, feel really bad about what I said to the point where I clean my entire room. She killed me with kindness.

STAB IN THE HEART. I admired this girl when I had class with her a few semesters back. She was always articulate, verbose,  and most importantly, unabashed about who she is as a strong Christian woman.

Like I initially stated, I enjoy people who have ebullient personalities. I immediately sought friendship with her; however, she was always  condescending so I felt no giult this morning with what I said. Again I will restate that typically I do not get offended easily. Until she said that her imperfections is actually a blessing.

*scratch head* Well damn. That’s cheating you can’t bring God into this. Oh wait, yes you can and she did and she won. Joke on me. My concern is how did I become the person to find humor by insulting others?  When did this happen? I don’t have to agree with everything she says about what makes you a good christian woman or not, but that does not mean it is necessary to instalt them.

I suppose what I’ve learned from this experience is to suck it up, I lose, and for the love of God, stop being such a witch all the time.