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This evening three people have called me Cilla; short for Priscilla. Why do people come up with a nickname for you? Do they think its a witty way of becoming friends?

Maybe I have given them the wrong idea by introducing myself as Priscilla to please forget that and call me Cilla or Prissy! The only people who are allowed to call me Cilla is my family; mainly because they are the only people I find it cute to hear from. It”s like calling my mother momma, dad as daddio, or Joshua as joshie.

However, there is no other way to politely ask  your new acquaintance to call you by the name you introduced yourself as.

As nicely as I can muster, “oh you can just call me Priscilla.” | Them: ‘wow’ calm down.’ | me: oh, I’m calm, I would just prefer to be called by my full name. | Them: ‘ All right, you don’t have to freak out about it, relax.’

That was the last I spoke to that person.