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Many opportunities call appropriate for the salty buttery sensation of popcorn. Growing up my mom would pop corn over the stove; bible, it tastes very different and better from the microwave popped corn. ( bible: another way of swearing) However, now that I have left home to start my last semester of college, laziness overcomes me. Popcorn deems necessary for any occasion: late night movie, nothing else to make, it’s cheap, intoxicated evenings, craving fix, want a tooth ache, boredom, epic reading, and kernels in my bed the next morning.

Popcorn has been my ultimate snack for the Olympics as well.

I EAT POPCORN AS IF I HAVEN’T EATEN IN 3 DAYS! Both hands are constantly shoving as much popcorn as I can muster while it’s toasty warm… all while not blinking. Might I also add that I feel it’s a never ending bag, therefore, I must eat it all as fast as I can to get to the bottom.

Ahh yes, quite satisfied with my salty fix.