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I cannot say that I am ashamed I have a compulsive personality, however, it can be exceedingly irritating when I need to accomplish daily tasks.

White Collar. Need I say more? If you haven’t seen the epic television show, it’s based on a con artist, Neal Caffrey, who is hired by the FBI to catch future  forgeries. Neal, played by Matt Bomer, is one of the most sexy, seductive men on USA Network ( or in the world). But what makes him so sexy? Besides his witty way with words and charm? It’s his intelligence. Nothing is more seductive than an intelligent man. Ladies and Gentleman, I am HOOOKED.

I think I have a compulsive disorder where I have to watch it every chance I get. The way the show is produced I’m intrigued with how they pull off some of their cons. Not that I would ever have the audacity to attempt a con, please, but I find it interesting with how they pull some of this stuff off.

Thanks to Netflix I’m streaming seasons 1-3, currently on the second season, without commercials. DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO PEE WHEN YOU WANT TO SEE WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?! Sure I can pause it. Let me reiterate the moral of this blog: COMPULSIVENESS! Need I continue?

I’ve come to the conclusion the only, most effective, way to overcome this compulsive tv-watching is to simply finish the series. You should just give in and watch the show.