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Gatsby_1925_jacketSitting in the theater yesterday I attempted to remember The Great Gatsby when I read it in high school.

“Did I read the Cliff Notes on this one?”

But no, I actually read it. And from what I remember, it was defined as a snoozer, in my opinion. I recall only one chapter being somewhat significant; chapter 7, somebody died. (odd excitement?) Watching the movie I had to say I enjoyed it. I think the movie was more scandalous than Fitzgerald intended. However, I was was 14 when I read the novel, scandalous wasn’t exactly something noticed at that age; at least for me. But that’s Hollywood for you, putting sexy into everything. I think if I were to re-read the novel, willingly this time, it would be much better.

One thing I did notice, as well, is the romance. Again, my 14-year-old self wouldn’t Gatsbyhave noticed romance if it hit me in the face.

“Why would Gatsby live across the pond from Daisy? Stalker.” 

Most kids don’t see in-between-the-lines concepts or at least I didn’t; especially if we have to read it for class. ‘One chapter at a time’ mindset. My cousin, who is 13 years old is currently having to read “The Hunger Games.” Really? GIVE ME A BREAK! She said she and majority of her classmates hate reading, so she was glad to read something that had a good movie attached. I agree and disagree with this. I’m thrilled she’s just reading at all. I wanted to gouge my eyes out from the Romeo & Juliet Cliff Notes. At the same time, I question if the Required Reading list is going down hill these days.

Yes, unfortunately, even I am guilty of using Cliff Notes or Spark Notes in my day(But only for a back up reference. Aside from Romeo & Juliet, never read that one). This defeats the entire purpose of youth’s required reading lists.

In all, I give the movie a thumbs up. It portrays the novel very accurately, again, from what I remember. I adore Leonardo DiCaprio- so that probably helps the story  line.