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Ranger School for Dummies

Where is this when you need it most? Cheers to the ineffectual girlfriends such as myself who have absolutely no idea what this is.

Wait… Like Texas Rangers? FAIL. NO.

My first attempt to decipher what Ranger School is all about was watching the show Surviving the Cut on Discovery channel. Yes, I watched TV, whereas the more intellectual girlfriend crowd probably researched it on the Internet or read the informative book So this is Ranger School. 

When I flew to Fort Benning, Georgia from Texas to pick my boyfriend up for his 8 hour pass I had no idea what I needed to do. Buy junk food the night before so it’s ready. CHECK. Be there to pick him up at 7 a.m. for his release at 9 a.m.  CHECK? Found the place at 9 a.m. I’m so punctual. 🙂


Am I missing anything? It felt like my first day of kindergarten walking up to a group of girls “Hey will you be my friend?” These girls were professional Ranger School Girlfriend/wives. “I have homemade cookies in my car for him and all his friends. Along with Donuts & Gatorade. Did you bring junk food too?”

“Uh… yeah. But it’s at home.” FAIL

“Priscilla you bought the Frosting, right?” FAIL “Uh… yeah!” >.> “That’s my girl!…. She forgot it.” Damn, he knows me so well… 

Thankfully he passed Darby phase ( 1st out of 3), two days ago I got word he passed Mountain phase (2 of 3), next step is passing the final phase, Florida, following with graduation. This nightmare has lasted since February and will be over in June. HALLELUJAH

17 more days and counting…