Yesterday I went running around my Fiances neighborhood and in doing so I passed by a preschool. It was in the middle of the day when the sun was at its peak; in other words, it was hotter than hell.

So yes, I wasn’t actually running. HA! Please, I wish I was running. Lets say I ‘walked quickly.’

While I ran *cough cough walked* I passed by a preschool full of kids playing outside. A little boy ran up to the fence and yelled, “Hey LADY! HII” while his little hand waved his whole body.

Without stopping I nodded and waved back

Then all of his little buddy friends ran over to the fence, too. They said altogether, “Hi!” “Helloooooo, LADY!” “HIIIII!!! MRS. LADY!, well hello there!” 

I continued to walk past, smiled, quietly said hello, waved  again and continued to walk. What? I’m not a creeper who is going to stop and chat to little preschool kids. Common now. A wave is good enough.

When I proceeded past the fence they all started howling like wolves towards me.

Howling. Like. Wolves. 3-5 years olds. HOWLING.

I turned, smiled, and finally spoke. “Thank you, kids. I’m flattered. Really, I am.” After all, running is some tough business that only the finest can accomplish on a hot day like this.