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Last week my fiance and his buddies decided to have a BBQ to introduce us ladies. (In case some of you may not know but my fiance is in the military, I’m out at Fort Knox, Kentucky visiting until he deploys in a few weeks and then I’ll go back to Austin, Tx). While in Kentucky, I find myself twiddling my thumbs during the day when he is at work. Because he is leaving soon, we didn’t get Internet or cable – initially I thought That’s okay! I’ll read or Paint… or something… Turns out I like the TV more than I thought. O.O WHY IS IT SO QUIET?! If anything I like the option to watch the 55″ LED Smart TV sitting there mocking me. Who knew?

SAMSUNGAnyway, it was refreshing to meet the other wives. chit chat kind of thing…  I was telling one of the ladies about this park I go to everyday. There’s a 5 mile trail around this huge pond with ducks, playgrounds, geese, and trail markers. I invited her and her two daughters to join me on the trail/nature walk today and, in a sense, it went well! We ended up meeting at opposite ends of the huge pond, it was hotter than hell outside, and when I found her, she didn’t have a stroller. I wasn’t going to make her little girls walk two miles, so they played on the sad, under-developed playground under the hot beating sun; I felt terrible. Then all of a sudden this hungry Goose waddles over saying hello.

I thought, OH! This is good! I brought bread. See, I’m good with kids 🙂 Totally got this in the future. “Want to feed him?” 3-year-old nods. she takes the bread with her tiny hands to feed the Goose and turns out this wasn’t such a good idea after all. He’s trying to bite us and guard his ‘territory.’

“Hey BUD! This is a big pond! Don’t be selfish. Duck off!” I thought it was funny. So did the girls. Until they started saying “Duck off” and laughing. crap.

Well it was really great meeting up with you today! We should do it again sometime!

Duck. Duck. Duck. Goose.